I am recruiting talented and well-motivated Ph.D. students every year! If you are interested, please apply here for the CS department and list Dr. Peng as your intended supervisor.

If you are a UCLA or USC student and are interested in joining our lab, please fill in the following form. I will go over the applications at the beginning of each quarter/semester and contact you if you fit our lab. You don’t have to send me another email, as the form will generate one automatically. Unfortunately, due to a large number of requests, I won’t be able to give individual feedback.

  • I’m actively looking for a postdoc. If you are interested, please drop me an email with your CV and research statement.

  • For prospective PhD students, I start contacting students for a phone interview around January/Feburary. If you have submitted an official application, you don’t need to email me before Feburary.

  • For prospective summer interns, please apply through the UCLA-CSST summer program if applicable. Otherwise, please send me your request by 3/31.

If you have trouble in submitting the form, please send send the related information to my email.